The Greater Morning Star Apostolic Church

“God has blessed our history as well as our present and future in Christ Jesus.”

The history of GMSAC begins nearly 2,000 years ago where the Spirit of God, the Holy Ghost, filled 120 souls in the upper room in Jerusalem, as recorded in the Word of God in Acts chapter 2 verse 38. Christ had instructed the disciples before His ascension to wait in Jerusalem until they had received Power – His Spirit – from on high. Greater Morning Star Pentecostal Church in Washington, DC, firmly planted in the doctrine Christ gave the apostles, was pastored by the late Bishop Ramsey N. Butler for over 50 years and has since been pastored by Bishop Charles E. Johnson.

Elder Philip Watkins was baptized in JESUS’ Name in 1975 and received the Holy Ghost in 1977 under the pastorate of the late Bishop Jesse F. Pemberton and Mother Poultria Pemberton of New Light Church of Christ in Dumfries, VA. In 1980, Brother Watkins was called to the ministry and worked faithfully at New Light until 1985. He then began attending The Greater Morning Star Pentecostal Church in Wash., DC under Bishop Ramsey N. Butler. Brother Watkins was licensed as a minister in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World in 1986.

Elder Watkins was appointed to start a church in Fairfax County, VA. In accordance with the great commission of Matthew 28:19, The Greater Morning Star Apostolic Church was established on June 5, 2000 with the first service held on July 2, 2000 at the Mark Twain Middle School in Fairfax, VA. In 2011, by the grace and mercies of God, GMSAC relocated to 7929 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, VA.

Pastor Watkins continues in the faith and exhorts all people to repent, to be baptized in JESUS’ name for the removal of sins, to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and to walk upright before God.

Pastor Philip S. Watkins and the GMSAC family extend a standing invitation for you to join us in praise and service, in Jesus’ Name.

We thank God through our Lord and Savior JESUS Christ for His showers of blessings and look forward to worshipping Him with you all! Welcome!